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call for prices on sale of untreated completely chemical free pure wool carpet

Safe natural fume and odor control

Activated Carbon felt for surviving chemical fumes in mattresses and new cars

safe chemical free nontoxic photocatalytic fume and odor control

Nontoxic Wool Carpet Cleaner Mystical

Zeolite for carpets

Zeolite for odors

Zeolite for soil amendment Zeolite for animal runs

Organic Cotton / Wool Mattresses

Free organic cotton sheets or moisture protective pad with order of ROYAL PEDIC mattress or set.

Royal Pedic Mattresses
Royal Pedic Vegan
Royal Pedic Materials
Noami Certified Organic Cotton/Wool Mattresses

Ramblin wood solid untreated oak or maple wood beds

Organic Latex Mattresses

Royal Pedic 7 zone 100% Organic and Natural
More on 7 zone

Talalay Organic Rubber 7 inch one level from Royal Pedic

Purerest Organics
Dunlop Organic Rubber 7 inch one level

Organic Latex Toppers

2'' Organic latex topper
3" Org latex top Royal pedic
3 " Org dunlop latex
4.5 inch' Organic latex

Organic Latex Pillows

Organic Crib Baby Mattresses

Organic Cotton/ Wool Crib mattress with free pure wool mattress protection

Organic wool crib mattress pad protection

Organic Crib Sheets
Organic Baby Latex mattress

Cradle and Bassinet

Organic Mattress Protection

Organic Cotton Mattress Protection Pads

Organic Wool Mattress pads

Organic Sheets

Closeout on organic coyuchi sheets

Organic Wool Bedding

Organic Wool Pillows
Organic Wool Toppers Hom
Organic Wool Comforter Hom

Certified Merino wool comforters and toppers and pillows


Entire selection
Air Pura 600 Photocatalytic
More on Air Pura

Aireox research air purification for small bedroom

Austin Air Healthmate
Allergies to Pets

tobacco and fire smoke mold, bacteria, fungi

TuTuff Non toxic vapor , moisture and wind barrier for construction

Water Purifiers

the PurestOne
Puritec above counter
Puritec counter top

Puritec under counter
Puritec Whole House
Well water remediation
Manganese iron and suphur removal in well water
Sprite high output shower unit

Avoiding Chemicals

Fire retardants.
Zeolite Odor Control
Zero Voc Paints
Sealant Low Voc Floor Finish
Effects of Chlorine
Effects of Formaldehyde

Effects of Toxic Carpets

Effects of Fragrances
What to avoid

More About Chemicals

in water

Fragrant free meetings . Groups that avoid toxic perfumes and fragrances in work places and schools

start your own fragrant free school or place of work

Nontoxic dryer sheets
Activated carbon
for fume control

Avoiding EMF
Electro Magnetic Fields
t electro magnetic sensitivity .cell phone diodes

Shampoo and Sealants to Block Fumes From Toxic New Carpets

Chemical Free
Pure Wool Carpets

Pure wool carpets
Earthweave Wool Carpet

Toxins in New Carpets

Wool Carpet Cleaner Mystical

Odor and Fume Control
Zeolite for carpets
Zeolite for odors
Zeolite for soil amendment

Zeolite for animal runs

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1 925 472 8868

Organic organic cotton and wool crib mattresses with 10 year warranty and free shipping and no chemical damage to your growing infant .

Protect your baby's brain cells

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Purest Quality Certified Organic Cotton and Organically Grown Wool Mattress for a Safe Sturdy Crib mattress that will protect baby with safe sleep. The mattress is sturdy enough to hold a 6 year old and has a 10 years warranty .
Safe Sleep for Baby.

organic cotton and organic wool infant crib bedding.

Your baby deserves the safest start. These organic crib mattresses are made with care, attention to the purity of the organic cotton and pure organic wool. There is absolutely no fire retardant. Sustainable agriculture and ecologically safe products used. Cozy safe surfaces for your baby . No synthetic fabrics, plastics, formaldehyde, chemicals , dyes or fire retardant.

These Organic Crib Mattresses are made from Certified organic cotton, organically grown ECO wool and untreated coils for the innerspring. Safe enough for chemically injured or autistic children. Organic mattresses fit standard crib and are 6 inches deep.

absolutely no fire retardants

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Organic Certified cotton and organically grown ecowool wool crib or 100% natural rubber latex mattresses can generally be shipped in week or so.

1000 coil

* no toxic chemicals are inhaled during sleep
* comfortable and soft, so that skin is never irritated
* absorbent and breathable, maximizing air circulation and minimizing perspiration
* strong and resilient in shape, color, and texture

Wool offers warmth and deters any moisture from baby perspiration on dribbles . Organic wool batting used in any of these crib mattresses are certified organic or else grown organically as is Ecowool or the French wool used by Royal Pedic. Organic wool is processed without chemicals, dyes, or oils.

* Naturally flame-retardant
* Absorbent - absorbs 30 percent moisture and remain dry.
* Cool in summer, warm in winter
* Naturally repellent to dust mites

Organic cotton and organic wool mattresses for a secure, safe, healthy, natural bed for your infant. These mattresses are completely free of plastics, foams, pesticides, formaldehyde, dioxin, fire retardants, or any dangerous synthetic petrochemicals. Infants will be safe sleeping with an organic natural nursery. Our crib mattresses are free of fire retardants and any hazardous chemicals and made to last for the next baby or your friends baby.


fire retardant alert

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consult by .e mail

Jennifer wrote: The mattress is everything I was hoping for and more! I'm glad that I was not talked into an inferior product and I hope I can talk more of my friends having children about your products. The delivery was quick and right to my door. Thank you, Jennifer and Bodie (recipients of mattress)

crib mattress

Organic crib baby mattresses are completely made is usa using the purest of very pure products for the most sensitive.

Natural Innerspring Mattress is constructed with a core Innerspring of electrically tempered steel coils surrounded by organic cotton which is then wrapped in organically processed pure ecowool from organically raised sheep, quilted on to deluxe organic cotton European outer fabric which ensures the wool will not migrate over the years. The quilting prevents shifting and provides a sturdy durable , and comfortable sleeping surface. Extra amount of wool and organic cotton batting is used making a comfortable mattress .

Innerspring Mattress (Organic Cotton / Eco wool ) is an extra-firm mattress. The inner springs are covered in one layer of Organic Cotton and then wrapped in one layer of Ecowool ™. These layers are tufted to an organic cotton ticking cover. The organic cotton has no pesticides, defoliants or mineral oils. The wool is naturally flame resistant. This mattress meets California state and federal fire codes, and has not been treated with chemical fire retardants.
100% organic rubber mattress .

This dunlop rubber has been tested from impurities or chemical residues or binders. No chemicals were found in the tests, the rubber is completely free of all hazards.

This organic crib latex mattress has been tested and there are no

  • No Bonding Agents
  • No artificial scents
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Phenols
  • No Phthalates
  • No Toluene
  • No Benzene, No Benzothiazone
  • No silica containing dimethyl sulfate
  • No artificial vanillin containing petroleum
  • No Flamebreaker containing silica (dimethyl sulfate)
  • No Pesticides
  • No PBDE's
  • No Boric Acid
  • No chemical Flame Retardants
  • No Polyethylene
  • No Polyurethane
  • Wool processed organically
  • call us for service at 1 800 968 9355

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Organic Cotton and Organic Ecowool Crib mattress . Certified organic bedding .

baby on mattress

260 coil count innerspring crib mattress or ecowool extra firm mattress. A safe, durable sleeping surface for baby from 0 to 6 years old. Exclusive organic cotton outer quilted with chemical free ecowool.
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Includes shipping

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crib mattress

260 coil count innerspring crib mattress or ecowool extra firm mattress. A safe, durable sleeping surface for baby from 0 to 6 years old. Exclusive organic cotton outer quilted with chemical free ecowool with additional pure wool moisture pad
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Includes shipping


We pay shipping to any mainland usa site. All charge cards accepted, paypal or check payments.

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260 Toddler bed edge clips for great support on day bed or toddler bed.

Deluxe Premium Organic Crib Innerspring Mattress is 260 coil count .This crib mattress has one side firm and the other softer. European organic cotton outer and ecowool padding for the perfect organic crib mattress flippable for youngsters 0-6 years.

with pure wool moisture pad

pure wool puddle pd


$459 e mail

Organic Crib Mattress from Natural Rubber Latex

covered with organic cotton and organically grown wool Firm 100% purest tested rubber natural rubber mattress is wrapped with organic quilted outer layer.

A layer of organic cotton fabric, organic batting, organically processed wool from organically raised sheep, and European organic cotton are quilted together giving you longevity and a uniform supportive sleeping surface.

10 year fixed /20 year prorated warranty.


Includes shipping

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toddler mattress



Organic Wool Crib Mattress Moisture Pad
Made in usa certified organically grown wool. Natural dust mite deterrent, prevents mold and bacteria from growing and regulates the temperature of your infant.

Includes shipping

eco moisitre pad

2 Organic Wool Crib Moisture Pads
For convenience or for the older baby of busy mother with no time to wait .

$179eco moisitre pad
Includes shipping

Organic Wool Crib Comforters


free shipping e mail

comforter crib

Organic Wool Crib Mattress Toppers
1.9 lbs of certified organic merino and covered with organic cotton sateen.

free shipping
Organic Crib Wool Soft Blankets
Washable soft and very gentle 34 x 55


free shipping

Barrier Cloth Mattress Protection
400 thread count organic fabric 3 sided zip around 440 thread count organic cotton barrier cloth.

free shipping

Pure wool crib moisture pad

$62pure wool puddle pd
free shipping
more info
2 Pure Wool Crib Moisture Pads for the busy working mother

free shipping
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Certified organic odor free certified cotton and poly fitted crib moisture protection for under the wool when baby is being potty trained. $69 includes shipping. Also available for the parents mattress protection. Queen is $139


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