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call for prices on sale of untreated completely chemical free pure wool carpet

Safe natural fume and odor control

Activated Carbon felt for surviving chemical fumes in mattresses and new cars

safe chemical free nontoxic photocatalytic fume and odor control

Nontoxic Wool Carpet Cleaner Mystical

Zeolite for carpets

Zeolite for odors

Zeolite for soil amendment Zeolite for animal runs

Organic Cotton / Wool Mattresses

Free organic cotton sheets or moisture protective pad with order of ROYAL PEDIC mattress or set.

Royal Pedic Mattresses
Royal Pedic Vegan
Royal Pedic Materials
Noami Certified Organic Cotton/Wool Mattresses

Ramblin wood solid untreated oak or maple wood beds

Organic Latex Mattresses

Royal Pedic 7 zone 100% Organic and Natural
More on 7 zone

Talalay Organic Rubber 7 inch one level from Royal Pedic

Purerest Organics
Dunlop Organic Rubber 7 inch one level

Organic Latex Toppers

2'' Organic latex topper
3" Org latex top Royal pedic
3 " Org dunlop latex
4.5 inch' Organic latex

Organic Latex Pillows

Organic Crib Baby Mattresses

Organic Cotton/ Wool Crib mattress with free pure wool mattress protection

Organic wool crib mattress pad protection

Organic Crib Sheets
Organic Baby Latex mattress

Cradle and Bassinet

Organic Mattress Protection

Organic Cotton Mattress Protection Pads

Organic Wool Mattress pads

Organic Sheets

Closeout on organic coyuchi sheets

Organic Wool Bedding

Organic Wool Pillows
Organic Wool Toppers Hom
Organic Wool Comforter Hom

Certified Merino wool comforters and toppers and pillows

Entire selection
Air Pura 600 Photocatalytic
More on Air Pura

Aireox research air purification for small bedroom

Austin Air Healthmate
Allergies to Pets

tobacco and fire smoke mold, bacteria, fungi

TuTuff Non toxic vapor , moisture and wind barrier for construction

Water Purifiers

the PurestOne
Puritec above counter
Puritec counter top

Puritec under counter
Puritec Whole House
Well water remediation
Manganese iron and suphur removal in well water
Sprite high output shower unit

Avoiding Chemicals

Fire retardants.
Zeolite Odor Control
Zero Voc Paints
Sealant Low Voc Floor Finish
Effects of Chlorine
Effects of Formaldehyde

Effects of Toxic Carpets

Effects of Fragrances
What to avoid

More About Chemicals

in water

Fragrant free meetings . Groups that avoid toxic perfumes and fragrances in work places and schools

start your own fragrant free school or place of work

Nontoxic dryer sheets
Activated carbon
for fume control

Avoiding EMF
Electro Magnetic Fields
t electro magnetic sensitivity .cell phone diodes

Shampoo and Sealants to Block Fumes From Toxic New Carpets

Chemical Free
Pure Wool Carpets

Pure wool carpets
Earthweave Wool Carpet

Toxins in New Carpets

Wool Carpet Cleaner Mystical

Odor and Fume Control
Zeolite for carpets
Zeolite for odors
Zeolite for soil amendment

Zeolite for animal runs

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Organic chemical free products for your bed, home or office.

Stock up on moisture barrier tutuff so if the snow and ice melt and you get water in your basment or loft of bedrooms you have some protection for your stored in tutuff items.


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Organic wool now on sale for the winter- shipped next day


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We offer organic cotton and wool natural chemical free mattresses, organic natural rubber latex mattresses and organic wool or cotton bedding and chemical free pure wool untreated carpet. Our bedding has no scotch guard, fire-retardant or recycled urea foam and absolutely no memory foam. Our products are completely or partially deducted as a health expense. Safe remediation options for mold, mildew, pet , sick room odors, tobacco and fire smoke . If local forest fires or burning of rice fields effect your health call . We have solutions to block the fumes and smoke as well as specific air purifiers for allergens and chemicals.



new item -best deal for people living in San Francisco

__organic_comfortable_cotton_ wool_mattress

on sale

organic cotton and wool mattress

wool puddle pad


organic cotton mattress


__organic_comfortable_cotton_ wool_mattress

  • 7 zone ltaex organic

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organic wool comforters and toppers on sale



ecowool wool comforters and toppers and pillows will keep you allergy free and comfortable. Sleep better and safely with no chemical hazards. High quality top of the line luxurious natural organic fibers, highest quality construction, chemical and fire retardant free. Allergy-free chemical free comfortable and comforting natural bedrooms is our specialty.

organic merino

hom comforter

Tithe certified organic products in all weights .

organic  wool topper

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Smokers next door ???
Activated Carbon Fabric - 36 inches by 15 meters . $109 

  This activated carbon product in fabric form is for odors in closets or basements or to block fumes from coming inside the house thru a window. Fabric can be rinsed ad dried .

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Activated Carbon Blankets will absorb the chemicals from a toxic mattress or sofa or new car. Carbon blankets absorb fumes from new or old mattresses.

New product arriving late June for sewing into carbon comforters or toppers for your sofa or mattress or travelling. 1.57 meters x 3 metersor 61 inches x 118 inches $109. 6 meters of 320 inches doubled is $189


Make your own scarves or shawls or masks and stay safe in a fragranced or other toxic environment. If your work mates use detergents with additional laundry softeners you can wear a scarf with carbon in it till you convince them to stop using toxic products.

Carbon fabric -the rinseable kind will also absorb chemicals from your new cabinets closets or carpets while you wait for the remediation. 15 meters for $109 e mail

Cotton covered carbon- new product -not organic but safe enough do the job of absorbing toxic fumes from your new mattress, sofa or new car.



Organic Wool Bedding for Allergy Free Comfortable Sleep for all seasons e mail

wool organic comforeter

Warm cozy winter nights. Cooler summers .No night sweats and less fibromyalgia pains .

Both the pure ecowool or the organic wool comforters are breathable and maintain just the right temperature as you sleep. We promise no night sweating, clamminess , or cold and you can lower the thermostat and save some money on heating and cooling bills.

Organic Cotton Bedding for Comfortable Chemical Free Sleep

organic cotton sheets

Our organic sheets are a dream to sleep with - a class of their own.

1 800 968 9355 or e mail


Organic Natural Rubber Latex Mattress Pads for Restful Comfortable Sleep.
2 inch rubber topper

The healthy advantages of using natural latex in these mattresses, pillow top pads, and pillows. No dust mites as latex is naturally dust mite repellent. Rubber Latex has a hypo-allergenic anti-bacterial effect and provides motionless comfort for undisturbed sleep. There are no chemicals in our natural rubber -no blends or additives .

100% Natural Home will keep your famly safe


Organic Baby Nursery -Please protect your infants brain cells.
crib mattress

Safe chemical free cozy surfaces for your baby. No synthetic fabrics, plastics, formaldehyde, chemicals, dyes or fire retardant. These Organic Crib mattresses are made from organic cotton, organically grown ecowool and untreated coils for the innerspring.

Chemicals are dangerous for you and your baby . Send e mail for fliers you can share with your church school and communities. These are free. Call for directions on removing vinly fumes out of baby's toys and equipment.

Or solid natural rubber for the latex version. No coils with the rubber

Free shipping

nontoxiccleaners will remove toxicvvinyl fumes from your baby clothes toys and equipment like car seats

e mail

Water Purifiers For Healthier Safe Water
purest one

Water purifiers and filters cleanse water instantly and effectively provide clean, great tasting water right at your tap, without chemicals, hold-time, or electricity! Our water purity solutions are within your budget . .e mail

Air Purifiers and Air Filters

air pura 600

We have 26 years experience with immune compromised people and air purification is just one of the many systems that can alleviate symptoms of allergies, chemical sensitivities, asthma, migraines COP and even autism .

All of the products sold here can be considered as part of health expenses. call for advice.

1 800 968 355

Remove mold and mildew from your basement or bedroom by selecting one of our air purifiers. Biological, bacterial, viral, fungal pollution are hazards to your health and the air purifiers and remediation can be deducted as a health expense.

Save your health

Wool Carpets Untreated Undyed and Chemical Free are Safe and healthy and affordable if ordered from us.

all colors earthweave carpet

Earthweave pure wool untreated undyed carpet has a primary backing of cotton and hemp and natural rubber from the rubber tree with jute as secondary backing.

When you enter a home with wool carpets untreated and natural you will not get a headache or burning eyes from the toxic combination of chemicals used to make standard carpets. These carpets can last 50 years .e mail

e mail for prices and quote



Chemical Free Safe Odor and Fume Control Solutions e mail

carbon felt


Activated Carbon Felt Blankets will absorb the chemicals from a toxic mattress or sofa or new car. Carbon blankets absorb fumes from new or old mattresses or sofa

carbon fabric (not felt ) will absorb chemicals from your new cabinet , car. chairs and even clothing .15 meters for $109

e mail

Stay safe in a toxic world . Chemicals, Allergens and Emf to Avoid e mail

Heal from allergies and chemical sensitivities and use fragrance free soaps or detergents .These dryer sheets prevent skin and breathing problems from regular fabric softeners and fragrances from supermarkets .Allergies, asthma, migraines and multiple chemical sensitivities are caused by fragrances and other chemicals.


Solid Oak or Maple Wood Beds -chemical free nontoxic and Free of Particle Board


e mail

other models

One year of pure filtered water for showering .

One complete unit with massager and 2 replacement cartridges gives you 3 years of pure showering water - $109

High Capacity Filter
Reversible Filter Cartridge (Model HOC)
Ultra-High Strength Housing
Shower head Massager Included
Cartridge Life Rating: 1 Year
The High-Output Shower Filter (HO) contains a reversible filter cartridge that will filter the shower water for one year. This high performance shower filter combines easy operation and maintenance with the ultimate in structural integrity and over-all reliability.600 psi strongest out put for showers.

The HIGH OUTPUT is the strongest replaceable shower filter available on the market today.

high out put shower unit

Did you know the current law regulating toxic chemicals was passed in 1976? And it hasn't changed since, even though 20,000 new chemicals have come onto the market since then.

Chlorine free bath water for baby's bath or out of doors

Use the ball to be free of chlorine

Order a few for gifts.


nontoxiccleaners will remove toxic fumes from your baby clothes toys and equipment.

Call for directions on how to get the vinly fumes out of baby's toys and equipment like summer garden pool

Organic Wool Mattress Protection
hom moisture pad

Protect your mattress with organic merino and organic ecowool mattress protection.

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About Nirvana Safe Haven

We have been in the business of personally surviving in a toxic world for 26 Years .We share our experience and our solutions. Call or e mail and keep us contributing to the best of our ability .

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