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Activated Carbon Felt
for absorbing mattress fumes

Activated Carbon Fabric
for absorbing toxic car fumes

Photocatalytic Spray
for mold remediation
tobacco and wildfire smoke, pet odors

Mystical NonToxic Cleaner
lifts formaldehyde and vinyl fumes, yet safe for wool and silk

Natural Zeolite
mineral absorbs odors and dampness; also used for soil remediation

TuTuff Vapor Barrier
Non-toxic moisture and wind barrier sheeting for construction. Seal out mold and bad odors and protect what is clean.


Royal Pedic Mattresses

Royal Pedic Vegan

Crib Bedding
organic mattresses,
absorbant wool pads,
toppers, and comforters

Ramblin Wood - Dapwood
Timeless styles without particle board chemicals or toxic finishes


Talalay 7" from Royal Pedic

7 and 10 inch from Dunlop

Make Your Own Mattress
natural rubber cores and cotton covering options


Mattress Protection

Organic Wool Pillows

Certified Merino
Comforters and Toppers


AirPura from Canada
6 models with NO odorous plastic or vinyl parts--read more at Why AirPura?


Whole House Filtration

Under Counter Filter

Sprite Shower Unit


Electro Magnetic Field Neutralizers


Earthweave Wool Carpeting

What to Avoid
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Safe Choice Carpet Shampoo


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Zeolite is a safe natural volcanic mineral solution for neutralizing and absorbing odors,moisture control and soil remediation.


and find the dealer near you to save shipping 40 lbs is about $26 if you pick it up.

Zeolite adsorbs and absorbs moisture and fumes from* toxic carpets, remodeling materials, paints, cleaning solvents. * outgassing furniture, fabrics, new cars, R. V. s motor, mobile homes, garages. * Carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, formaldehyde, most indoor chemicals, gases. * Ammonia odors from pets, diaper pails * mold, mildew, duct systems, basements, barns attics. Zeolite is a natural mineral, adsorbing fumes in its own molecules and setting these gases free when placed in the sun. Place Zeolite packages to refresh cupboards,wardrobes, garages and basements. Hide behind the printer, copier or computer. Place Zeolite in baskets disguised with dry flowers. Hide Zeolite between the books or medicine cabinet. Arrange for good air flow in a shaded area. With dangerous levels of toxicity such as is created by mold, new carpet and glue situations, print shops or photo labs or after fire and flood much more Zeolite is used. 6 lbs to 75 square ft. would be the minimum with up to 20 lbs per 75 square ft. for serious problems. Fortunately Zeolite can be reactivated and used again. Zeolite works well for smoke odors.

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Use natural nontoxic mineral zeolite for odor and moisture control in bathrooms, basements, closets , in cages for pet odors, dog runs and kitty litter

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Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery

Pet spillage, food spills, chemical odors from outgassing of new materials.

Dog runs or kitty litter or stables

Carpet Deodorizer

Carpet Deodorizer

Sand or powder


Sprinkle directly on odorous carpets and rugs pet beds,new furniture or even new beds.

Wait 3 days if you can

After using it out side for dog runs leave in soil as a soil amendment .

available from ask for local dealer

Bathroom & Sickroom -

Nursery - Diaper pails, spills, spoilage, common nursery odors.

Add zeolite to pail before washing

Carpet Deodorizer is easier to vacuum

diaper pail and laundry deodorizer. powder option



for odors especially good on urine on carpets or furniture.

After flooding or water damage cover all your damaged clothing and bedding in zeolite for a few days then add the same zeolite to the wash



Use powder on carpeting, mattresses,

In severe cases of odor in laundry or even water damaged bedding and clothing. Cover and then add sand or powder to pail or to washing machine

available from ask for local dealer

Zeolite absorbs urine and excrement odors for pet runs

 Reduce flies and ammonia odors created in outdoor dog runs

bulk granules zeolite for litter boxes

Carpet or Litter Freshener, barns or dog runs

1/4 cup granules in litter box,

1 lb. Per 10 sq. ft. in dog runs.

Zeolite is a soil amendment when you are done with it.


Sprinkle in litter boxes and on dog runs rinse and leave in sun to dissipate odors of urine and more.

available from ask for local dealer

Uses of Zeolite include

  • Nursery Plants to hold moisture and let its supply the plants s lowly

  • Nuclear Waste Cleanup

  • Oil Spill Cleanup

  • Desiccants -add wherever you need to absorb moisture . Small cotton bags available for $2 for 3

  • Soil Amendment & Fertilizer
    & Agriculture

  • Nourish Soil Golf Courses Turf Grass and Athletic Fields*

  • Sewage Treatment

  • Odor Control in Animal Stalls and Aquariums

  • Chemical Spills & Hazardous Waste Cleanup

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Dog runs

Zeolite removes the urine and dog odors from dog runs.
Scatter the zeolite crystals according to the size of your dog run. Remove or dig into the soil according to need.

Cat Litter boxes

Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup over litter every few days or use only Zeolite or put a layer of zeolite under the kitty littler.

Pet Rabbits, Pet Guinea Pigs, other pets

Lightly cover the bottom of cage with Zeolite before placing bedding. Place a layer of Zeolite granules the whole length of the catch pan. If the pet in is your child's bedroom use more than if Pet is outside in the garden

Pet Snakes, Pet Lizards,
Pet Iguanas & Pet Turtles

A pile of Zeolite on one or two corners of the cage will keep odors down .Zeolite in the corner of the cage is better than spreading over the floor of the cage as reptiles don't like the drying effect of the Zeolite.
Treat area frequently or as needed for complete odor control.

Bird cage odors

Spread the Zeolite under the cage on the pans and remove according to need

Pet Accidents

Zeolite will absorb the accident fluids and remove odors
well for drying out and eliminating odors
Zeolite sand will work on all types of carpet . Might scratch wood floors.
ok on upholstery and all fabrics.

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Zeolite solutions for additional odor control problems on carpets or odorous laundry wether from water damage or toxic work places.

Perfect solution to absorb moisture and odors from a flooded basement

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