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Talalay Organic Rubber 7 inch from Royal Pedic

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Pure wool carpets


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Untreated Chemical Free Biodegradable Carpets with Pure Undyed Natural Wool

Suitable for allergic, chemically injured or immune compromised .

Avoid headaches,burning eyes and throat from toxic fumes in new carpets .

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whattoavoidin conventional carpets

This all pure wool untreated natural wool carpet contains no dyes or pesticides (biocides to deter mold ) or stain protection such as scotch guard, and does not have any chemical odors. When you enter a home with wool carpets untreated and natural you will not get a headache or burning eyes from the toxic contamination of chemicals used to make a regular carpet .

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Untreated undyed chemical free moth ball free wool carpet is healthy. All Wool carpets maybe more expensive but last for 50 years and you also will last longer without toxic fumes . Its not a mistake to pay a little more for untreated chemical free wool. Wool fibers are elastic and when crushed or stretched, their resilience enable them to spring back to their original shape. Nothing is as durable as wool.


Wool and Vegetable Fiber Carpet Padding

Under carpet pad is made of a thick luxurious healthy chemical free wool and vegetable fibers available with order of carpet - called inertia.


The wool based carpet padding is a blend of course naturally pigmented wool's mechanically needled into a cotton scrim. The padding is free of dyes, fire retardant, glues, moth proofing. Color will vary from charcoal brown to tan. After 40 or 50 years its can be recycled where it will safely biodegrade while serving as an effective weed barrier and mulch in a garden or in the soil. Over a period of 2-3 seasons the padding in the soil the inertia carpet underlay will completely disappear, adding nitrogen and other nutrients plants need to the soil. Untreated, undyed wool carpet is healthy. Wool fibers will not burst into flames as they self-extinguish quickly, leaving the carpet with a small amount of fluff that can be brushed away after slow smoldering. Wool fibers have microscopic cells that capture and hold dust particles until they are vacuumed. The wool carpet we offer are safe enough even for many people with chemical sensitivities. Special care ensures that no harmful chemicals are used at any stage of the carpet-making process.

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can be partially deducted as health expense


The carpets we offer you are 100% natural wool fiber. The wool is sourced from England and we are sure we are getting high quality and well supervised farming methods . Earth Weave uses only the best and purest wool

EARTHWEAVE BIO FLOOR CARPETS are the best natural wool carpet available using only natural healthy plant materials. Even the adhesive is natural.
No chemicals like mothproofing, dyes , fire retardants , synthetic backing, styrene butadiene adhesive or pesticides are used. The sheep live an healthy outdoor life and are kept away from toxic products
Immune compromised people , asthmatic, chemically sensitive are all safe with this carpet Hemp and cotton is used as backing . Bio degradable natural rubber i s used as adhesive when needed .Jute, a tough nature plant fiber is used in the backing as well  

New carpets 65 oz with natural dyes . see examples



catskill otter

Above 3 are 65 oz with natural dyes

the others are 30 oz and 44 oz in natural sheep colors -no dyes.


$19.95 will be deducted from your cost when you order.

no charge for one sample

Sample Carpets with shipping $19.95


These untreated undyed chemical free natural wool rugs are purest available in usa.

The pure wool fibers of this rug is made of 100% wool with no mothproofing or stain protection or fire retardants. Wool fiber is naturally fire resistant so no flame retardant chemicals need be used. The wool is naturally the color of sheep so there are no harsh dyes or pigments added. These wool rugs are backed with natural jute fiber backing and the carpet is made using only hemp, cotton, and natural rubber .

All natural rubber gripper pads for use beneath these area rugs are also available. The pads provide extra comfort and help keep your rug in place.

These beautiful rugs and pads do not release harmful gases into your home and will actually absorb odors from your home and improve your indoor air quality. Wool lasts longer than chemical, recycled or other synthetic fibers.

Starts at $5 a square ft and the difference between regular toxic carpets or wool treated carpets is a health expense . These wool carpets will last 50 years.

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