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Activated Carbon felt for absorbing mattress fumes

Activated Carbon fabric for absorbing toxic car fumes



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Organic Cotton/ Wool Crib mattress

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Pure wool carpets


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Untreated Solid Wood Oak or Maple Wood Beds Simple solid hardwood and unpretentious.

No particle board.
No synthetic toxic wood.
No chemical finish.
No glues.

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urban retreat



You can afford to sleep in an untreated chemical free wood bed
no formaldehyde , no particle board , no toxic finish or toxic varnishes.

hidden valley












Solid Oak or Maple Wood Bed Frames Unfinished or Finished with Linseed Oil.

shipping $100
model twin xl twin full x long full queen eastern king ca king

Pecos lite Oak

$695 $725 $755 $795 $795


pecos lite




Pecos lite Maple



$755 $825 $855 $855 $925




Ranch Oak $775 $825 $855 $895 $895






Ranch Maple $825 $895 $925 $955 $955 $1025




Sandia Oak $775 $825 $855 $895 $895 $955




Sandia Maple $845 $875 $925 $955 $955 $1005





Mission Oak


$799 $829 $875 $925 $925






Mission Maple $855 $905 $925 $975 $975 $1055




Taos Oak $985 $925 $975 $995






Taos Maple $1015 $1035 $1095 $1025








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coast tide






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It is our desire to set an example and be ‘off the grid’ so we will be evaluating the use of solar panels for our new facility to produce the power we need to operate our equipment daily. Until then, we have taken some steps to use renewable energy and increase energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy
We have moved our web site to a 100% wind powered host- Canvas Dreams. They were the first web host in the Pacific Northwest to use 100% wind power in the operation of their business. They also reduce their power usage by designing and building smaller, high-efficiency servers resulting in 60% energy savings per server for operating and cooling.

We participate in our local electric company renewable energy program. PNM Sky Blue uses 136 turbines turned by New Mexico’s plentiful wind energy. PNM has an aggressive program to provide its customers with clean energy and expects to produce about 594,000 megawatt hours of electricity every year that would otherwise need to be generated with fossil fuel or nuclear options.

Energy Conservation
We moved our company in the summer of 2011 to a central location in the city of Albuquerque to cut down on use of gasoline by employees and suppliers. Because of our new convenient location, employees are able to bike to work and get fit while reducing carbon emissions. By helping in the urban renewal of the city’s core we also aid in reducing urban sprawl and its associated higher energy use. Lastly, we use high efficiency fluorescent bulbs and will be converting to higher efficiency LEDs.



A platform option raises or lowers the overall platform in relation to the floor. You may want a higher bed to increase the space under your bed (for storage) or you might want a lower platform for a different look.
On the other hand, a mattress thickness adjustment moves the headboard up or down in relation to where the top of the mattress would meet the headboard. This option adjusts for different sized mattresses so the headboard does ’t become buried behind a thick mattress or look awkwardly high if you have a thin mattress.

What is the height of the platform (where the mattress rests) on Dapwood beds?

Well, it depends on the model.

All of the Slim Series frames are 12 inches from the floor to the top of the slats. In the Mod Series, the platform heights are 12.5 inches. As with all of our products we have options to customize to your particular tastes. As standard options on most of our bed frames, we can “Lift” the platform 3″ or “Drop” the platform 3″.

Since we build these frames to your order, we can modify most of the heights if you have a particular need.

In the rare case of a squeak developing what should I do?
Take apart the offending joint, tighten the screws and rub candle wax where the wood meets.

Can I change my bed to a different style?
In most cases, yes. Since we have developed a modular bed frame most of the parts can be easily changed out for different parts.

What kind of finish is used on your products?
Our products are finished with a hand-rubbed linseed oil finish. Our linseed oil is entirely pure and has absolutely no VOCs and no heavy-metal driers. It is completely non-toxic and is safe for food contact if, for some reason, you wanted to prepare food on your Dapwood product. We have also started offering a natural Teak Oil and are offering a plant based finishing oil as well. Learn more

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?
Although it is a commonly used distinction in the lumber and timber industries, the differences between hardwoods and softwoods are actually rooted in plant reproduction rather than the actual ‘hardness’ of the wood. While all trees reproduce using seeds, hardwoods (angiosperms) produce seeds with some sort of covering like a fruit or nut tree. Softwoods (gymnosperms) produce seeds without any sort of covering. The softwood seeds are often produced in cones which later drop the seeds to the ground ‘naked’. Hardwood examples include Oak, Maple, Walnut and Cherry. Softwood examples include Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir and Spruce Pine. Learn more

Why would I want my furniture to be made out of harder wood?
Harder woods are generally less prone to wear and abrasion from dings and scratches than softer woods. Additionally, harder woods are generally very strong when compared to similarly dimensioned pieces of softer woods.

How do I care for my Dapwood furniture?
Regular dusting with a clean, soft cloth is usually sufficient. Some other pointers that apply to solid wood furniture in general include:
Avoid exposing your furniture to strong sunlight. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation can discolor or damage the wood and/or finish of your Dapwood furniture.
Avoid exposing your furniture to high and low temperatures and humidity. Extremes in temperature and humidity can damage your Dapwood furniture. Additionally, don’t place hot items such as pans or moist items such as drink glasses on your furniture without protective padding or coasters.

Avoid exposing your furniture to products containing solvents. Common household items most often containing solvents include perfume, hairspray, nail polish remover, spot removers, glues and adhesives. These products can damage the finish of your furniture.

I’ve scratched my Dapwood furniture, what should I do?
If your Dapwood furniture becomes scratched, you can easily repair the scratch since it is made from solid hardwoods. Depending on how deep the scratch is, you may need to use coarser grits to blend the scratch. Use finer sandpapers until the scratch is gone. Finish with approximately 150 grit sandpaper and reapply pure linseed oil.

How quickly will I receive my furniture?
All items are shipped directly from our shop. The standard time to complete an order is 2 weeks from the time that we actually receive the order. Depending on your distance from Albuquerque, the transit time can be anywhere from 1 to 4 business days.

I can’t wait that long. Can I get it quicker?
Yes, we can expedite your order. We offer Rush and Double Rush options that shorten order completion time to 2 weeks and 1 week, respectively. There are fees associated with these expedited turnaround time options.

We can customize the bed according to your needs and taste

Options include:

Wood: Premium Appalachian red oak and white hard maple (cherry and walnut available on Mod Series)

Slat Spacing: 3″ standard but options for 1.5″ or .25″ spacing.
Platform adjustments: Approx 12 inch is usually standard but we have different height adjustment options
Headboard adjustment: Adjust the headboard location to accommodate various mattress thicknesses.
Footboards: Available on most frames
Finish: Pure, natural linseed oil, teak oil, plant based colors or unfinished
Extra long beds: Queen or Cal-King length
In addition to the standard options above, we can create almost any custom length, width or height that you might be looking for with most of our beds. Learn more

Do I need a box-spring with your beds?
No, a box-spring or a foundation is not required with our beds. Our beds are specifically designed in a way that they eliminate the need for a box-spring or mattress foundation. That said, you can use a box-spring with our beds if you choose to do so but be sure that you let us know so that we can raise the headboard up high enough to peek out over your mattress!

How do I disassemble the bed frame?
Like assembly, all you need is a rubber mallet. The easiest way is to flip the bed frame upside down and strike the rail or crosspiece with the mallet right next to the leg. It will probably take several strikes to loosen the joint. If you are not able to flip the bed frame, you can use another method. Stack a pile of books under the rail or crosspiece that you want to loosen so that the leg is approximately 1″ above the floor. Now strike the top of the leg with the rubber mallet. It will probably take several strong strikes to loosen the joint.

How do I know you manufacture quality products?
We have been making quality furniture since 1985 when big hair and acid wash jeans were coming into vogue. We believe that if we were making junk we would not still be in business.


Dapwood does not use tropical trees in any of our products even though they often have very interesting colors and grain patterns. We feel these tropical trees play a much more critical role in fragile ecosystems going through their natural life cycle than becoming furniture. For this reason, we have made the conscious decision to not contribute to their destruction.

Dapwood utilizes only solid, Midwestern and Appalachian hardwoods that are in plentiful supply. At one time, Dapwood did produce products out of bamboo. In 2011 it was decided that even though bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, we felt there are some larger issues with bamboo and have decided to discontinue its use. Learn more

Technically, hardwoods come from angiosperm trees (flower plants) while softwoods come from conifers (cone-bearing seed plants). In general everyday terms, in the northern hemisphere we typically refer to hardwoods as those that come from trees that drops their leaves in the winter, unlike softwoods that keep their leaves (typically needles) all year round.

Since our hardwood is made in nature, there will be beautiful variations that enhance the uniqueness of the piece. Variations you may see include: figuring, quilting, ray flecks, minerals inclusions, color variation, small knots, etc. These variations are your assurance that you are only getting the highest quality solid hardwood.

Unlike plywood and veneered particleboards, solid hardwoods are simply that- solid wood as cut from a tree. Scratches or dents to the surface can be easily sanded out and refinished to give a like-new surface. Denting or chipping of veneered products will reveal an unsightly core that cannot be sanded to blend in.