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Don't put up with smelly kids shoes or diaper pails and other discomforts in your home . We specialize in safe nontoxic natural odor control and fume control.

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Zeolite is safe for all life. Zeolite a natural mineral absorbing biological odors , human odors , chemical fumes and moisture.

Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral comprising hydrogen, oxygen, aluminum,and silicon arranged in interlacing interconnecting lattice structure. Zeolite is able to adsorb chemical molecules to itself. Millions of tiny microspores give zeolite a great adsorbing quality. Zeolite placed in basket type wicker baskets allow air flow and ionic action to attract odors from smoke, fumes, mold and even odors caused by bacterial decomposition.

Some of the gases adsorbed are CO,CO2, H2S, NH3,HCHO, AR,O2, N2,H2O,HE,Ch20H,FREON, FORMALDEHYDE, MERCAPTANS.

Zeolite also absorbs 33% of its weight in moisture. It is reactivated by placing in sun every few months and gases are set free.


Auto repair and detail shops, animal owners,apartments, bars, barns, basement, bathrooms beauty shops, bedrooms, boats, boots,cars,campers,carpet cleaning cat breeders,closets,clothes wardrobes,cold air return,copy machine shops,crisper drawers,cut flowers, diaper pails, deli cases, diesel trucks, doctors offices, family rooms fireplace after use, fish stores, fish tanks, flood & fire deodorization, flea market vendors foot soak, garbage and trash areas and pails, glue and solvent treated areas gym bags, health clubs, hobby areas, hospices.

Laundry additive for chemically contaminated clothes or mold or sweat smelling clothes, manufactured mobile homes, no smoking areas, new car owners, painted areas print and copy shops, retail clothing stores, sick building syndrome, teenagers rooms,vegetable bins and coolers.

Cost of 12 packets of 2 lbs each is $90 and $30 to ship
One or two packages will help under the sink or in the refrigerator.
50 lbs of Zeolite sand or powder can be used
to deodorize carpets or pet runs.

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from * printers *computers *toxic carpets * new furnishings *formaldehyde *paint *remodeled homes. *New cars. Controls old car and new car odors *mold, mildew, pets, closets, kennels, garages, lofts, barns, store rooms, garbage areas, laundry or sick rooms, baby diaper odors, boats and work shops. No need to use chemical cover's that can harm you.

Keep in shady areas of car or room.

odor control

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Safe natural odor control for absorbing moisture, pet odors synthetic chemical fumes .

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Toxic Fume Control Zeolite for new or old carpet fumes

for formaldehyde

sealing and blocking new toxic carpet fumes

absorption of fumes with activated carbon blankets for new cars or toxic mattresses

Photocatalytic Spray or paint for surfaces to rediate mold tobacoo and other odors